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This Music and Arts Series is an outreach of Grace Cathedral in Topeka, KS.  Please take a moment to check out all of our upcoming concerts and Cloister Gallery events.  You can also find out how you can get more involved or become a Friend of GREAT SPACES.  With a dozen or more concerts each season and new artists featured monthly in the gallery, there is truly something for everyone.

Upcoming Concerts

"Silence in the Cathedral"

Friday, October 24, 7:00 p.m.

Silent Film Festival, sponsored by the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library with the cooperation of the Kansas Silent Film Festival, Inc. Free to the Public. Music by Marvin Faulwell playing the Cathedral organ with Bob Keckeisen - Percussion

Short Subjects:
The Fraidy Cat (1924) – And Charley Chase is exactly that! He plays Jimmy Jump, who’s afraid of everything, especially a group of Our Gang bullies who make sure he gets the works. Somehow, Charley gets blessed with courage and manages to emerge a mightier person. – 12 minutes

Mickey in the Haunted House (1928) – Mickey Rooney (whom we lost earlier this year) stars as Mickey McGuire (his first screen character) who tackles spending the night in a haunted mansion. It’s a cinch that he’ll never run away from anything scary….or will he? – 10 minutes

The Bat (1926)
Starring Louise Fazenda, Jack Pickford, Directed by Roland West– 85 minutes B/W

The feature film for the 17th annual "Silents in the Cathedral" is the classic 1926 version of THE BAT, based on the Mary Rogers Reinhardt play which supposedly inspired Bob Kane in the comic book creation of Batman. Producer/Director Roland West seized the property when he could finally buy the rights to it and created a spooky film version with lots of suspicious characters, mysterious events, a grisly-looking monster bat and lots of laughs! As a melodrama, this may be pretty creaky, but as a spooky film, it’s top of the line!

Mary Pickford’s brother Jack is the falsely accused bank teller and Louise Fazenda is a kooky maid who foils the Bat’s plans at the last second. The family matriarch is the best of all with a terrific final line.

Roland West later remade the film in an early form of Cinemascope with sound in 1931. It was called THE BAT WHISPERS and starred Chester Morris. The story was updated in 1959 for an even creepier remake again called THE BAT and featuring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorhead.

Organist Marvin Faulwell and percussionist Bob Keckeisen have put together an excellent musical score for this feature and they will be playing it live at the Cathedral for this event.

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